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Fundamentals Program


This program is ideal for dog owners seeking enhanced control in crucial home situations. Say goodbye to chaotic walks and sleepless nights. No more incessant barking or worries about your dinner disappearing from the counter, or the awkwardness of entertaining guests.


The frustration of being ignored by your dog will be a thing of the past. Now, you'll have your dog's undivided attention when you need it most.


Our program typically spans about 5 weeks and includes:


  • Key commands such as "off" to curb jumping, "let's go" for peaceful leash walks, "quiet" to halt barking, "drop it" if they pick up something they shouldn’t have, and "leave it" to ignore things that should be ignored.

  • Plus, our commitment to you lasts a lifetime with our full-time lifetime support guarantee. If your dog ever needs a refresher, we're always here to assist you.


A Leap Ahead


This program is designed for families seeking a head start in dog training. We'll dedicate an entire day to work intensively with your dog at our facility, giving them a significant training boost before our first lesson together.

Following this, we'll teach you how to continue and uphold the training. This program provides extra time to practice amidst distractions, such as other dogs, doorbells, and visitors.  Your dog will master the "sit" command, remaining seated until you give the cue. This newfound control will make walks, handling distractions, and greeting guests a breeze.

Typically completed in just 4 weeks, this program includes:

  • A full-day head start session for rapid progress.

  • Private lessons for both you and your dog (usually around 3 sessions).

  • Training in key commands like "Sit" (and "Stay"), "Let's go," "Quiet," "Drop it," and "Leave it."

  • Our unwavering commitment to you with a lifetime support guarantee. If your dog ever needs a refresher, we're here to help.



Ultimate Program


This program stands as our most popular choice and is perfect for dog owners eager to share their lives and activities with their furry companions. We take the lead by personally dedicating 5 full days to train your dog before the first lesson, making the initial and often challenging phase of training a breeze for you.


During this time, we focus on essential commands, including "place," where your dog remains on their designated spot until given the signal. This command is not only impressive but incredibly useful when you have guests or simply want your dog out of the way.


Training your dog to obey commands without a leash is crucial for enjoying true freedom together. This program offers the remarkable benefit of off-leash reliability, ensuring your dog won't dash into dangerous situations or bolt out the door.


Families adore the rapid results this program delivers since we invest ample time working alongside you. Your role primarily involves maintaining the training we've established.


We'll also conduct lessons at your home or in public spaces to perfect commands where you and your dog spend the most time. Whether you're camping, hiking, or strolling through town, this program opens up a world of possibilities for your adventures.


Typically, this program takes about 3 weeks to complete and includes:


  • A 5-day stay for your dog to receive personalized training at our facility.

  • 5 private lessons, including three in your home or out in public.

  • Off-leash responsiveness.

  • Reliable obedience to commands such as sit, stay, let's go, quiet, drop it, leave it, place, and come.

  • Our unwavering commitment to you with a lifetime support guarantee. If your dog ever needs a refresher, we're here to help.

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