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About The Waggly Dog

Denver's Most Philanthropic Dog Trainers

The Waggly Dog is the physical manifestation of the dreams of 2 dog lovers. It started with a co-worker of Mike's moving out of state and needing someone to take over her existing dog walking business. Mike took over and began to really enjoy the idea of working for himself. His wife, Daisy, agreed wholeheartedly and thus The Waggly Dog was born.

A big part of our core mission in helping dogs is to help dogs that have not yet found their forever homes.  Certain dogs in rescue, through no fault of their own, have extra challenges that must be overcome prior to finding their new family.  Rescues are typically funded by donations and very often, there is not room in the budget to hire in a dog behavior consultant.  We saw that there was a need in our community to offer dog training and behavior help free of charge to dogs in rescue that need it most.  We do it for the dogs.  We do it to save their lives.  We do it because dogs are our everything and we wouldn't want it any other way.

Mike Geasland

Position: Founder of The Waggly Dog

Mike has over 15 years of experience in the dog care industry. He got his start at a dog daycare in 2004.  In an effort to improve his skills and learn more about dogs and dog behavior, he went through the Misha May Training and Behavior program from 2016-2017.  

Daisy Geasland

Position:  Co-Founder of The Waggly Dog

Daisy has over 17 years of experience as a dog trainer. She got her start in 2001 volunteering at a local dog training club in her hometown.  After moving to the USA in 2012, she began acquiring more dog training and behavior knowledge and attended the Misha May Training and Behavior program from 2016-2017 with Mike.  

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