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Group Classes

We offer group classes for dogs who need help with their basic obedience and manners.  These classes are great for those just starting out and for those whose dogs need a refresher. 

We offer a 6 week basic obedience class. In this class, we cover the foundation of what your dog needs to know to be successful in their life with you. The list of things covered includes:


  • Watch – the foundation of getting your dog to focus and listen to you

  • Sit

  • Down (laying down)

  • Stand

  • Puppy Push Ups (Sit, Down, Stand in order as a routine, this is the basis of getting the dog to do more for less)

  • Stay

  • Leave it

  • Loose Leash Walking

  • Handling Exercises (being able to touch the dog including their front and rear feet, heads, body, ears, and mouths. This is the basis of setting up good anxiety free vet visits, grooming visits, etc)

Group of dogs with owners at obedience c
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